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Himanshu Mazumdar

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Dr.Himanshu S. Mazumdar, Senior member IEEE
[email protected]
Professor and Head R&D Center, 
D.D.University,  Gujarat, India


Director Research and Development,
Defense Training & Technologies, Champaign, IL

Sr. Programmer
Volition-Inc, THQ-Inc, Champaign, IL

Director Research and Development,
Axiom Technologies International, Woodland Hills , CA

Chairman Computational Services,
Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 
Summary of experience
Over 30 years of extensive experience in Airborne and Ground based instrumentation in Rocket, Satellite, Space Shuttle, Radio Telescope, Infrared Telescope, Industrial Automation, Process Control, Robotics, Communication, Signal and Image processing projects. Long design experience of Analog, Digital, Embedded Controller, VC++, Power Electronics and PC based Systems. Has working experience in Networking, Virtual Instrumentation, Fuzzy and Neuro-controller design. Working knowledge of HDL, ORCAD, PCB design, Electronic Fabrication and testing of space qualified systems. Have worked in important space missions in University College London, NASA’s Space Shuttle and Indian Space Research Organization.