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Himanshu Mazumdar
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Dr.Himanshu S. Mazumdar, Senior member IEEE
[email protected]

Full Papers

Selected Research Publications :

1.Abhijit Pathak, Ralph Loche and H.S.Mazumdar, “3-Phase Power Factor Correction, Using Vienna Rectifier Approach and Modular Contraction for Improved Overall Performance, Efficiency and Reliability”, Power Electronics Technology Exhibition and Conference, November 4-6, 2003, Long Beach, CA, USA

2.  A.D.Nandi, H.S.Mazumdar, A.K.Mehta, L.P.Rawal, J.M.Vayas  “Skull Face Superimposition using Computer Graphics” Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, ISSN 0971-1929, Vol. 18, No. 2, July-Dec. 2001 Page 30-34. 

3.  Mazumdar Himanshu. S., and Leena P.   "Single Layer Neural Network Solution for XOR Problem", CSI Communications, ISSN 0970 – 647X,  pp. 13-15, October, 2000.

4.  Mazumdar Himanshu. S., and Leena P.   "A novel algorithm for simulation of a (Two legged) Robot using Neural Network", CSI Communications, ISSN 0970-647X, pp. 18-20, August 1996.

5.  Mazumdar Himanshu S. and Rawal Leena P., "A learning algorithm for self organized feature map", CSI Communications, May (pp. 5-6), 1996, INDIA.

6.  Mazumdar Himanshu S. and Rawal Leena P.,   "A DSP based Low Precision Algorithm for Neural Network using Dynamic Neuron Activation Function", CSI (Computer Society of India) Communications, April (pp. 15 - 18), 1996, INDIA.

7.  Mazumdar Himanshu S.  and Rawal Leena P., "Simulation of Implant of higher Functions in Randomly Connected Artificial Neural Network", published in the Abstracts proceedings, main papers XIVA. The International Conference on Cognitive Systems 1995, Dec. 15th & 16th, New Delhi, Organized by the R & D Center, NIIT Ltd., INDIA.

8.  Himanshu S. Mazumdar  & Leena P. Rawal,  "A Neural Network Tool Box using C++ ", in CSI Communications, August, pp. 15-23, Bombay, 1995.

9.  Himanshu S. Mazumdar, " A VLSI implementation of multilayered feed forward neural network ", published in the international journal  -Microprocessors and Microsystems, vol.- 19, number-4, May, pp.231-235, USA, 1995.

 10.  Himanshu S. Mazumdar  & Leena P. Rawal,  "A Neural Network Tool Box using C++", in CSI Communications, April, pp. 22-25, Bombay, 1995. (This paper has received "Best Article of the Month Award")

 11.  Mazumdar Himanshu S.,  "Artificial Neural Network", KRIMAKSHAK, September, Vol. 4, Issue No. -5, (pp. 4,9), IEEE in Gujarat, 1994.

 12.H. S. Mazumdar  "An Intelligent Traveling Salesman using neural net", National Symposium on AI and Network in Instrumentation held at BARC, Bombay, 1991.

 13.H. S. Mazumdar  "Biological Clocks and Learning" Published at Ashwin Magazine of biomedical Engineering Society of Gujarat Vol. IV, Issue No.3 & 4 page 52. 1990.

 14.H. S. Mazumdar, S.Biswas, R.Chakraborti, R.Cowsik, N.Durgaprasad, P.J.Kajarekar, R.K. Singh, M.N.Vahia, J.S.Yadav, M.K.Padmanabhan, D.V.Subhedar, N.Dutt, J.N.Goswami, D.Lal,  "Ionization States of Cosmic Rays Anuradha (IONS) experiment in Space Lab-3".   Pramana -Journal of physics, Vol. 27, No.1 & 2, pp 89-104, July-Aug.1986.

 15.  H.S.Mazumdar, P.G.Oza, A.K.Choudhary,  & K.Gopalan, "Microcomputer System for Mass Spectrometer Control and Data Acquisition". Presented in National Symposium on Mass Spectrometry Progress in research applications and instrumentation's- BARC, Bombay, December 1981 and published in program and abstract IN-3.

 16.  H.S.Mazumdar, D.P.Devgan and A.K.Singhvi,  "An Automatic Linear Temperature Programmer". Journal of Scientific Instruments, pp 1347, Dec. 1980.

 17.H. S. Mazumdar,  "Simple Prom Programmer SIG". E.D.N., USA (1979).

 18.H. S. Mazumdar and A.D. Bobra, "Design of Microcomputer Based On-line PCM Data Acquisition and Monitoring System". Presented at the Symp. Of IETE, Hyderabad, India.  Published in Mar-Apr 1979 issue, Vol.24, No.3 & 4, PP 176-182. (This paper has received Meghnad Saha award)

 19.  H.S.Mazumdar and K.K.Bandyopadhyaya, "Low Cost Data Generator  using only two ICS". Electronic Engineering, UK (1975).

 20.H. S. Mazumdar, T.S.G.Shastri & S.Sampat, "A Digital Pressure Transducer". Indian Jnl. of Radio & Space Phys.  Vol.4, PP 60-64, Mar. 1975.

 21.  H.S.Mazumdar and K.K.Sengupta,  "Wrong Count Detector". Journal of Institution of Telecommunication Engineers, India. Vol.17, No.9, PP 337-338, 1971

 22.H. S. Mazumdar,   "Digital Display System in CRT".   Journal of Institution of Telecommunication Engineers, India.  Vol.17, No.3, PP 83, 1971.

 23.H. S. Mazumdar,  "Digital Printout using Hindustan Teleprinter". Proc. Seminar on Digital Electronics, IETE, Bangalore Chapter, 1970.


Full Papers
1       Single Layer Neural Network Solution for XOR Problem

2       Hand Written Character Recognition  Using Neural Network 

3       A Novel Algorithm for Simulation of A Walking ROBOT using Neural Network

4       A Learning Algorithm For Self-Organized Multi-layered Neural Network

      A DSP based Low Precession Algorithm for Neural Network using Dynamic Activation function

6       Simulation of Implant of Higher Functions in  Randomly Connected Artificial Neural Network
7       A Neural Network Tool Box using C++