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Himanshu Mazumdar
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Dr.Himanshu S. Mazumdar, Senior member IEEE
[email protected]

Software Projects:

·        Portrait Building System

·        Skull Image to Face Identification System

·        Textile Woven Design System

·        AutoCAD DWG/DFX Viewer and Editor

·        Simulation of Fabric from Image of Yarn

·        Indian Classical Music Trainer

·        Continues Tubular Reactor Simulator

·        Web enabled ECG machine


Title: Portrait Building System

Objective: To develop an interactive portrait development system of criminal’s face on descriptions of eye witness.

  Description: A super paintbrush package is developed in Win98 and VC++ with large library of human face icons like eye, nose, hair, lips etc. Using this package the different icons can be assembled to a desired persons portrait. All police headquarters all over India use this package now. This package is used to solve important crime events in India.

  Funding Agency: National Crime Record Bureau, Govt. of India


Title: Skull Image to Face Identification System

Objective: To establish match between a questioned skull and photograph of face of suspected victim.

  Description: An interactive VC++ based Image processing program is written to superimpose and find best match between image of a skull and images of front face photographs of suspected victims. Forensic Laboratory of Ahmedabad, India, uses this package.

  Funding Agency: Forensic Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India


Title: Textile Woven Design System

Objective: To design a special paintbrush to interactively produce fabric design with constraint of weave pattern and color of warp and weft. The package must generate compatible data for Jacquard and Dobby types of Looms

Description: A paintbrush package is developed for Dos OS using Pascal to draw fabric design of to import a design using camera, scanner or from design library. The package optimizes the design, weave and colors of yarn. It outputs the weave details and color. It also produces compatible graph for Jacquard Card cutting machine. 

  Funding Agency: National Handloom Development Corp. India


Title: AutoCAD DWG/DFX Viewer and Editor

Objective: To develop a win98 based package to view and add new drawings to Auto Cad generated drawings in *.DWG and *.DFX format.

  Description: A viewing engine is developed as DLL to display Auto Cad generated DWG or DFX drawing files. This engine takes filename and windows handle, magnification factor, offset and layer number as input and draws from the file to the given window. A user-friendly vector drawing and editing paintbrush is developed in front-end to add new drawing (Red Line) or text notes. This package is developed for US based client to view Relay drawings in service site.

 Funding Agency: Powertec Co. Ltd., Ahmedabad/USA


Title: Simulation of Fabric from Image of Yarn

Objective: Computer simulation of virtual fabric with desired weave and color combination from photographed image of actual yarn.

  Description: Linear CCD camera is used to photograph moving sample yarn. The acquired image is used to generate fabric image with choice of weave and warp-weft color combination. The defects in the actual yarn appear in the simulated fabric.  This interactive user-friendly package is written using VC++ under Windows.

  Funding Agency: Ahmedabad Textile Association, India


Title: Indian Classical Music Trainer

Objective: To develop an Indian classical music trainer with database of 200 ragas and ascending and descending sample of each ragas with visual and audio output.

  Description: Learning Indian classical music takes years to practice and dedication.  Indian Classical Music Trainer is written to help learning the grammar of music and identify the characteristic of each raga visually and in form of rhythm.  

Funding Agency: Self


Title: Continues Tubular Reactor Simulator

Objective: To demonstrate animated tubular reaction chamber as an educational package.

  Description: A simulator is written in VC++ to demonstrate a Continues Tubular Reactor. Particles with different color code moved in from feed side of the tube and moved randomly (Brownian motion) till it hit a particle of different color. On collision it produced a different colored particle. Reaction is optimized by varying temperature (velocity) diameter and length of the reaction chamber.  This package is written for undergraduate students of chemical engineering.

  Funding Agency: DDIT, University, Nadiad, India


Title: Web enabled ECG machine

Objective: To interface an Electro Cardiogram machine to Internet for online display of ECG signal to server home page which is connected to Medical Experts for diagnosis and treatment.   

Description: Socket based server is designed using VC++. The server is to be located in medical center.  Dedicated client is implemented using socket programming for patient and medical expert. The patient’s package consists of ECG hardware interfaced through printer port. Using the central server a two-way communication is established between patient and the medical specialist using TCP/IP protocol.

  Funding Agency: DDIT, University, Nadiad, India.